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Engineering Study

Version 03
Common Core / Rotary Platen / Retracting Outer Sleeve

General Notes & Transportation Method
This is using a rotary platen. We do have an added feature of a retracting outer sleeve. Looking at the first shot, (the enlarged view), the outside of the part is molded by a sleeve. When the mold opens, the first shot rotates on the rotary platen, to the second shot position; the sleeve retracts, exposing a new cavity by the sleeve retracting. There is also a new cavity on the stationary half.

Relationship to Concept Part
All criteria are met. However, there is an additional feature on the part. The shape of this feature is negotiable from the mold’s point of view.

Advantages: This tool is more compact, allowing the usage of a smaller press. Slides have been eliminated, reducing tool cost and tool maintenance.
Disadvantages: Extra cost of moving sleeves; Extra hoses or hydraulic lines moving on the rotating platen.