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Engineering Study

Version Analysis
The costs shown here help our customers decide what tool is best for them. The following prices are only estimates for the concept part shown and are not necessarily accurate.

*Does not include auxiliary equipment
**All 8 cavities are identical and ejected at once

Molding Capacity per Year / Total Capital Investment
Based on a 3% scrap from a six day work week consisting of 20 hour days.

Version 01
Robot Transfer Using One Press

Version 02
Common Core / Rotary Platen / Side Action

Version 03
Common Core / Rotary Platen / Retracting Outer Sleeve

Version 04
Common Core / Rotary Platen / Shut-Off

Version 05
Common Core / Rotary Platen / Shut-Off / Retracting Core Pins

Version 06
Common Core / Indexing Plate (Rotary Stripper)

Version 07
Common Core / Retracting Core / Sleeve Toggle
Retracting Outer Sleeve Tool has no Rotation